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   GUITARS:  Jackson HT7 juggernaut, Ibanez RG7 loaded with DiMarzio pickups,  Jackson Soloist SL1

   AMPLIFIER:  800W Matrix Power Amp

CABINET: Avatar 212

   EFFECTS:  Fractal Axe FX AX8 with Fractal Wah pedal

BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer


BASSES:  Cort A6, Ken Smith Burner 6 Deluxe, dean pace eub4 electric upright bass

Custom 6 String built by Chris Davison, Alvarez AEB6, Agile/Brice hxb 406

AMPLIFIER:  Carvin b2000

CABINET:  Carvin BRX 410

EFFECTS:  DBX 266xs Compressor/limiter, Carvin Audio EM900 in-ear monitor, Morley mini volume pedal, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pie, Morley ABC, Mooer Sweeper, Mooer Modfactory, Mooer Echoverb, Mooer Baby tuner, MooerLooper, Mooer Audio Pedal Board

Proudly Endorsed by Spectraflex Cables, Morley Pedals, GHS Strings, Mooer Audio, Rockready straps/gig bags, Wedgie picks!



DRUMS AND HARDWARE:  7 different kits and a wall of snares all by DW  (there is so much variation between kits it would be ridiculous to list them all so we aren't even going to try!!!)

CYMBALS:  Sabian

KICK PEDAL:  DW Direct Drive double pedal

THRONE:  DW 9000 heavy duty airlift

HEADS:  Evans

STICKS:  CooperGroove


Proudly Endorsed by CooperGroove Performance Drum Sticks!